I received good health news a few days ago. The last of the three tests, a 14 day wearable device that monitored my heart's electrical activity (AECG), came back without any issues. I'm now mostly clear to continue living my life as usual, with a few caveats: I'll undergo testing every so often to see if issues have started developing, any fainting or heart palpitations will be cause for serious concern, and my heart could still have electrical issues that result in sudden cardiac death. You win some, you lose some. All in all, the tests results are the best I could hope for, and I'm so very glad to have a more or less clean bill of health.

As for the bad news... I don't make a lot of requests, but if you're a US citizen, or anyone who feels like the US is a pretty cool country for some reason, I ask that you take some time to read through and internalize the following report from Reuters. Be warned, it describes a military propaganda campaign during the pandemic that is deeply unsettling: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-covid-propaganda/. Please share this far and wide. This is what our tax dollars are doing to innocent civilians overseas. If you don't pay much attention to the US's activity abroad, maybe it will come as a surprise. Either way, it's indefensibly vile. Our politicians and military commit these horrific acts because they think that no one will catch them and if they do get caught, no one will care. Big tech and government contractors are complicit in these acts. How many people stand by as acts like these are carried out?

Actions like this create generations of trauma. Generations of people who have very good reason to hate everything that is the United States of America. People who would otherwise have little reason to care. Many of these politicians will die of old age within a few decades, but their legacy will continue to poison the whole world. It is long past time that the citizens of this country, and most developed nations for that matter, hold their leaders accountable. The rise of nationalism, increasing proxy wars, and vicious psyops like the one in the article are one of the greatest threats any of us will face in our lifetimes, along with the worldwide fallout of climate change. Normal people all around the world are being caught in the crossfire of the rich and powerful's endless quest for power.

We deserve better than a life of fabricated fears that do real harm. There's no easy solution, but the first step is acknowledging the problem and choosing to care.

Good News, Bad News